Time to let it fly

I had my first personal website around 2009. Everything seemed so exciting in photography that it was a must to be present in the virtual world. For a couple of years I was happy. People who saw it were happy. Then I forgot to pay the domain and I lost my precious dotcom site. Some guys managed to buy it quickly and wanted to sell it back to me for a handsome price. Russians, of course…
I refused because I didn’t have that money. So, for half a year my website was selling… furniture. In Russia, normally.
I gave it up and forgot about everything. Taking photos was more than enough. Yet, I still felt like having my personal little corner on the web. I bought another domain and started a blog. Blogging kept me happy a bit longer, around seven years or so, until I felt like taking a break. Now it was time to build a new house with the work that gathered along the years. I made a selection from a few of my personal exhibitions trying to show the images that mattered most for me. So, there you are, have a look, enjoy, browse.
A desktop and a big monitor would enhance your experience.

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