Caro Paese

I was somewhere in the North of Italy, photographing various kinds of shows. As my works was happening mainly late in the evening, I had all the mornings to myself. And since the routine settled in pretty soon, I was constantly looking for other things to explore. I was therefore very happy to discover the remote villages scattered around the surrounding hills and valleys. At the same time I met Don Giuseppe, the local priest, a very energetic man in his seventies, who had to take care of all the neighboring villages. He very generously took me with him whenever he had to visit some place, to open an old church for some celebration, to attend a wedding or to give the holy communion to some elder person. He also lent me his rusty bike which allowed me to go around farther, even though it was not an easy task, as most of the roads went up. But I was seeing places, meeting new people and, most importantly, taking lots of photos. my collection of images grew constantly and at the end of
my stay there I was invited to produce an exhibition showing my work.

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